Richard Venture
Series 7: The Contenders (2001)
Κόκκινη γωνία (1997)
Ambassador Reed
Το τίμημα του θάρρους (1996)
Don Boylar
Truman (1995)
J. Lester Perry
Λάθος όνειρα (1994)
Judge Klein
A Private Matter (1992)
Dr. Werner
Άρωμα γυναίκας (1992)
W.R. Slade
Navy Seals (1990)
Admiral Colker
The Sicilian (1987)
Cardinal of Palermo
As Summers Die (1986)
Brevard Holt
Ο στρατιώτης (1986)
Colonel Meyers
Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (1983)
Dan Hatten
The Thorn Birds (1983)
Harry Gough
The Executioner's Song (1982)
Earl Dorius
Ο αγνοούμενος (1982)
U.S. Ambassador
Looker (1981)
Cindy's Father
The Best Little Girl in the World (1981)
Dr. Neil Holzer
The Violation of Sarah McDavid (1981)
Mr. Hourgil
Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb (1980)
Alexander Sachs
Off the Minnesota Strip (1980)
Dr. Haas
The Hunter (1980)
The Last Word (1980)
The Onion Field (1980)
Det. Glenn Bates
The Tenth Month (1979)
Dr. Paul Jessup
Να είσαι εκεί κύριε Τσανς (1979)
Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1978)
The Betsy (1978)
Mark Sampson
Airport '77 (1977)
Cmdr. Paul Guay
Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye (1977)
Joe Kane
The Greatest (1977)
Diary of the Dead (1976)
Όλοι οι άνθρωποι του προέδρου (1976)
Assistant Metro Editor
Man on a Swing (1975)
Man in Motel
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (1974)
Dark Intruder
1st Man
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