Mike Connors
Nobody Knows Anything! (2003)
Joe Mannix
Δύο και κάτι άνδρες (2003)
Hercules (1998)
Hart to Hart Returns (1993)
Bill McDowell
War and Remembrance (1988)
Col. Harrison 'Hack' Peters
The Death of Ocean View Park (1979)
Sam Jackson
Joys (1976)
Joe Mannix
Situation Hopeless... But Not Serious (1966)
Sgt. Lucky Finder (ως Michael Connors)
Stagecoach (1966)
Harlow (1965)
Jack Harrison (ως Michael Connors)
H μαμά... ο μπαμπάς... και η ερωμένη (1964)
Howard Ebbets (ως Michael Connors)
Panic Button (1964)
Frank Pagano (ως Michael Connors)
Where Love Has Gone (1964)
Major Luke Miller (ως Michael Connors)
Suicide Battalion (1958)
Maj. Matt McCormack
Οι δέκα (10) εντολές (1956)
Amalekite herder (ως Touch Connors)
Island in the Sky (1953)
Gainer (ως Touch Connors)
Sudden Fear (1952)
Junior Kearney (ως Touch Connors)
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