Bill Paterson
The man who invented Christmas (2017)
Mr. Grimsby
High-Rise (2015)
Outlander (2014)
Ned Gowan
The List (2013)
Reg Troughton
Falcon (2012)
Ignacio Ortega
Ο πατέρας της νίκης (2009)
Clement Attlee
Η μικρή Ντόριτ (2008)
Mr. Meagles
Παρέμβαση Ζωής (2008)
Dr. Martin
Πως να χάσεις τους φίλους σου (2008)
Richard Young
Miss Potter (2007)
Rupert Potter
Ο δρόμος για την ελευθερία (2007)
Lord Dundas
Rag Tale (2005)
Lucky Lloyd
Το βασίλειο των ουρανών (2005)
Bishop (director's cut)
Lie with Me (2004)
DCI Collman
Bright Young Things (2003)
Sir James Brown
Trust (2003)
John Tilson
Foyle's war (2002)
Patrick Jamieson
Wives and Daughters (2002)
Mr. Gibson
Το κλαμπ των στερημένων γυναικών (2002)
Rev. Gerald Marsden
Rebel Heart (2001)
James Connolly
Swallow (2001)
Angus Tighe
Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings (2000)
Mr. Cottisloe
Θάλασσα ψυχών (2000)
Dr. Douglas Monaghan
Θάλασσα ψυχών (2000)
. Douglas Monaghan, Dr. Douglas Monaghan (20 επεισόδια, 2004-2007)
Hilary and Jackie (1999)
Cello Teacher
Sunshine (1999)
Minister of Justice
The Writing on the Wall (1996)
Hard Times (1995)
Richard III (1995)
The Turnaround (1995)
James Webb
Chaplin (1993)
Stage Manager
Truly Madly Deeply (1991)
Το αντικείμενο της ομορφιάς (1991)
Victor Swayle
The Witches (1990)
Mr. Jenkins
Yellowbacks (1990)
Alex McPherson
The Rachel Papers (1989)
Gordon Highway
The Return of the Musketeers (1989)
Charles I
Οι περιπέτειες του βαρώνου Μυνχάουζεν (1989)
Henry Salt
Friendship's Death (1987)
The Singing Detective (1986)
Dr. Gibbon
Comfort and Joy (1984)
Κραυγές στη σιωπή (1984)
Dr. MacEntire
The Ploughman's Lunch (1983)
The Cherry Orchard (1981)
The Odd Job (1978)
Sergeant Mull
Play for Today (1970)
7:48 Company / ... (6 επεισόδια, 1974-1983)
Wallace Byatt
Criminal Justice
Harry Box
God on the Rocks
Mr. Marsh
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